CPM Estate Agents

   Property Management  


At CPM our qualified carpenters offer a wide variety of competitive carpentry services. With over 10 years’ experience combined, our team will deliver services to the highest of expectations. Carpenters services include, but are not limited to: fitting and repairing doors, repairing and replacing skirting boards and architrave, worktops, creating and treating fencing, joists and facia, fitting bespoke decking, and general finishing. 


Our carpenters at CPM are dedicated to ensuring the quality of work is maintained, that all requirements are met, and ensuring standards are kept throughout the project. All materials sourced are of superior quality to ensure the appearance is continuous. We have taken on major renovations to small installations, so no matter the size of the job we have the expertise to complete it.


Many of our carpenters also specialise in painting and decorating, and if necessary, are able to finish the products with paints or varnish.